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Sport Activities.

As the summer winds down and the holidays come to an end, we'd like to invite you to help make a change! This September you can help take 1,000 families out of poverty and ensure they STAY out of poverty. HOWEVER (and here is the best bit) not only will these 1,000 families have their lives changed, but a further 1,000 families will then be helped by the repayments of these loans, and on and on as the funds re-circulate.

Suggested activities

No matter what sports activity or event you want to arrange, you can be part of A Grand September. It's simple to get involved, just tell us what you're going to do by sending us the details to info@change4change.org.uk and we will add your event onto the site.

You could download sponsorship forms or use our JustGiving site www.justgiving.com/a-grand-september. If you ask your donors/sponsors to add your name and the event into the comments field we can email you details on all the people who have donated to your Change4Change activity/event.

Whether you raise just a few pounds or thousands of pounds it will all go to help to change some lives, as every penny you raise goes to projects.

If you'd like a Change4Change T shirt please email your event and size to info@change4change.org.uk , the shirts are paid for by one of our sponsors, however we can only send one per activity/event. Numbers are limited so let us know if you need one ASAP.

Please do try and take a picture or pictures of your training (should you be doing any) and the event and the "aftermath" as we would love to share them with everyone at www.agrandseptember.com.

Let's make this a September to remember!

Thank you for taking part, the money you raise will certainly
save lives.....